Energy Healing


I was a skeptic that Reiki really
worked until I tripped backward over Belgian block driveway pavers onto a landscaping light fixture on my 86th birthday. The side effects of painkillers and muscle relaxers prescribed by my physician were too much to bear. Cathy suggested I try acupuncture followed by Reiki sessions and I experienced instant relief from the pain caused by severe muscle spasms and bruising. I now have regular Reiki sessions with oracle cards, crystals, and aromatherapy. The powerful flow of positive energy brings immediate and lasting relief of pain, tension, and stress. I usually see colors when receiving Reiki. I have had spirit guides and deceased family members visit me during my sessions. I now have my own crystals to help with clearing and balancing. I now am a true believer that Reiki really works.

– Fran from NJ


We adopted a cat from a local area humane society. Sara had ongoing issues with not using the litter box and blood in her urine. Several visits to the vet and a change in food provided little to no resolution of her behavior or condition. Cathy gave in-person
Reiki to Sara when she was in the animal hospital and upon her return home.  Sara loves Reiki and
does not have any issues related to her chronic cystitis.

– Dom from NJ


We were heartbroken after the passing of Ryan, our beloved English Cocker Spaniel. Glory, the youngest of four dogs, was depressed and wouldn’t get off the top steps of the porch to play outside with her canine brother and sister. After Glory’s first distance Reiki session Cathy relayed that Glory knew that her parents were very sad and that she was confused as to the whereabouts of Ryan. I told Cathy that Ryan passed away shortly after an illness and that his departure from the family to the
spirit realm was quite sudden. Cathy relayed this information telepathically to Glory during the follow up distance Reiki session. Glory began to be more like herself with every Reiki session.  She is now the big sister to her baby canine brother, Andy.

– Ellen from NJ